Build the future of apps with Xamarin.

Xamarin SDK is now fully available under the MIT license.

Xamarin brings open source .NET to mobile development, enabling every developer to build truly native apps for any device in C# and F#. We’re excited for your contributions in continuing our mission to make it fast, easy, and fun to build great mobile apps.


& Xamarin.Mac

Native mobile apps for iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and OS X with .NET

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Native mobile apps for Android, Android Wear, and Android TV with .NET

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Native UIs for iOS, Android, and Windows from a single, shared codebase

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We’re building a truly open source community around Xamarin.

We want it to be as easy as possible for developers to invest time in building great software in C#. Being part of an open source project means more than just writing code — there are many ways you can contribute.

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Get source to our most popular external libraries and components.

Accelerate mobile development with open source bindings for native libraries including the Facebook SDK and Google Play Services, and cross-platform plugins for common mobile functionality like media, messaging, and GPS.

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Get started with Xamarin

Xamarin provides several different paths for learning to build native mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows in C#. From on-demand video training to deep-dive eBooks, we have you covered to help make learning mobile development easy.


The Xamarin Developer Center is packed full of resources to help you get started with mobile development, including documentation on configuring your development environment, iOS, Android, Xamarin.Forms, and more. There is also lots of code available for you to dig into, including recipes, samples, and prebuilt applications.

Video training

Xamarin University provides live, interactive mobile development training lead by Xamarin experts. Visual Studio Dev Essentials program offers five introductory mobile development classes on demand from Xamarin University, completely for free. Hands-on learners may also enjoy our self-guided learning. Developers interested in cross-platform mobile development with Xamarin.Forms may also be interested in our free Introduction to Xamarin.Forms video course available from edX.

Building Xamarin from source

You can compile your own Xamarin SDK libraries and tools by following the instructions in the readme for any individual project.

Instructions for building individual open source Xamarin Component and Plugin projects can typically be found in the project’s README file.

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